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  • Balanced Zirconia
  • Solid HD Zirconia
  • Allure Zirconia
  • Emax
Diamondhead Crown/Bridge

Diamondhead Balanced Zirconia:

Diamondhead Balanced is a hybrid of strength at the cervical and beauty in the incisal. This product is ideal for its masking effects of implant abutments and for challenging stump shades. When necessary all our Zirconia can also be sintered with our white opaquer in the inside of the restorations allowing for the full effect of the translucent zirconia while aiding in  the process of masking out the abutment or stump. 

Diamondhead Crown/Bridge

Diamondhead Zolid HD Zirconia:

Diamondhead Solid HD Zirconia is perfect for posteriors, long bridge, and bruxzir-type wear. It is Diamondhead’s strongest material and provides incredible strength without sacrificing esthetics. 

Diamondhead Crown/Bridge

Diamondhead Allure Zirconia:

Diamondhead Allure Zirconia is the highest quality zirconia on the market. Diamondhead’s Allure has the industry’s lowest shrinkage rate providing superior marginal accuracy and overall fit. Unique technology and colloidal pressing make this the industry’s best zirconia. Allure features full strength, super translucency (48%), 1200 mpa, and is ideal for both anterior and posterior restorations. This is our most popular and esthetic Zirconia. A white opaquer can be added just before sintering if necessary, still allowing for the translucency of the zirconia, while masking out abutments or dark stump shades.

Diamondhead Crown/Bridge

Emax Crown/Bridge:

Diamondhead offers Emax crown/bridge. This is recommended for single units and small anterior bridges.

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